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Physical Address

University of Puerto Rico
Rio Piedras Campus
Plaza Universitaria, South Tower
Fourth Floor

OEAE Staff

Chamary Fuentes
Email: chamary.fuentesvergara@upr.edu
Ext. 85080

Prof. Nadia Cordero
Assessment Consultant & Former Director
Email: nadia.cordero1@upr.edu

Dr. Julio Rodríguez
Ad-Honorem Consultant
Email: julio.rodriguez19@upr.edu

Dra. Annie Velázquez-Reca
Assessment Coordinator for Graduate Programs
Email: annie.velazquez@upr.edu
Ext. 85083

Joel Lucena
Assessment Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs
Email: joel.lucena2@upr.edu
Ext. 85084

Arlene Fontánez
Assessment Statistics Analyst
Email: arlene.fontanez@upr.edu
Ext. 85089

Lyssa Gerena
Work & Study Program Student - Assistant

Alma López
Hourly Employee Graduate Student - Assistant

Gabriela Mojica
Work & Study Program Student - Assistant and

Lenash Santiago
Work & Study Program Student - Assistant

Work & Study Program Student - Assistant





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